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Welcome to Obstacle Play Park

The Obstacle Play Park or OPP has been designed for all levels, from the fun runner who wants to learn more, to the elite OCR runners who want to improve and practice their existing obstacle skills, it also caters for anyone who might just want to have a play on some obstacles and people that want to improve their fitness in a fun way, we are not a gym, who wants to be inside with rows of other gym goers on treadmills and bikes when you can be outside in the fresh air getting fit in a different, fun and functional way, it's also a great place for parties with a difference.

Have a look around the site and if you can't find something that fits you then please get in touch and let's see what we can do.    



If you are a Spartan then OPP is the place for you to train, we have the biggest range of spartan obstacles in the UK including some you might only see in european races, I am also a Spartan SGX Level 2 coach & Spartan Obstacle Specalist Instructor, this past year i have been running Obstacle Specalist Workshops for Spartan and i'm proud to say this is the first time this has been done outside of a race venue in the UK as Spartan recognise OPP as a suitable venue to host these workshops. 

For more info on Spartan at OPP go to the Spartan Page Also take a look at the Spartan SGX video in this link 


Open Practice


Obstacle Bootcamp


Private Obstacle Coaching


Spartan Training


Obstacle Parties

Upcoming opening Dates & Times

If you want to see more of whats going on or to book this then head to the

About Us:

Mark Logan :- Owner - Spartan SGX Coach - Personal Trainer  - OCR Coach - TRX Coach

I have been involved in Obstacle Course racing for around 10 years. firstly as a runner then as a course designer/ builder and until recently a race director.
I'm a Spartan SGX Coach, Personal trainer, TRX trained coach, Womens Fitness Specalist and Pre & Post Natal Qualified
I really enjoy helping people reach whatever goal they want in life, it might be just fitness or your first ever ocr, maybe you have done a few races and want to learn more or your looking at becoming a competitive racer.

 Outside of work i'm a keen OCR runner, surfer and snowboarder

Nicola Constant - Glemas:- Party PlannerAssistant Coach - Designer

I have been involved in Obstacle course racing for around 8 years. for the last few years I have been assisting on training days and will be doing so at OPP.
I also like to run OCRs, surf and snowboard in my spare time, and love my cats and husband.

Here are links to some races, services & groups that we are working with to help in your obstacle and mud run journey

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