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spartan cert
spartan cert




Spartan SGX Race Preparation

15th August 10.00-2.00pm approx




Spartan SGX race preperation will be a 4 hour long session to help you get ready for your next Spartan race, the day will consist of an SGX workout to start, then some coaching and a course walk before you take on the OPP Spartan course consisting of 25 obstacles and carries, then finally a chance for a bit of free practice with the remaining time. 

The course will be limited to a maximum of 20 people,

Cost of the 4 hour+ session will be £45.00, there will be a price increase before the event so dont leave it to late to book, but the first 10 people to sign up will receive it for the discounted rate of £40.00



Beginners + Guide To Obstacle

Wednesday 4th August  6.30-8.30pm

Sunday 8th August 12.00-2.00pm 

These next two sessions are a beginners+ session and areideal for anybody that has done the beginners course and wants to learn a little more

If you are geting ready for your first race and need some help on the basics then this session will equip you with what you need to feel more confident and safe on the course.

the session lasts around 2 hours and will cover things like going over walls safely monkey bars rings and even some of the simpler things like crawling under a net, because belive it or not there is a right technique for that too.


Session cost £20 EARLY SIGN £25 LATE SIGN UP 


OPP Spartan Time Trials 

Sunday 1st August 9.00am

OPP Spartan time trial is a chance to train under more race like conditions, 32 Spartan type obstacles and carries over 1km.

Its a self timed event with penalties for failed obstacles or you can go head to head with somebody or just run round with friends for fun.

You will be set two at a time at 30 second intervals , Racers will be set of first best time is currently 11mins 7sec, there is an opportunity to run more than once but you will need to have started your second attempt by 9.40 cut of time is 10.15.

Rules (These are going to kept simple)

  • 15 burpee penalty for obstacle failure, you have to attempt the obstacle first


  • On single obstacles first to touch the obstacle has first attempt-if you fail you go straight to your burpees

  • Fastest time must be a clear round to be recorded

  • You must be considerate of others during your round, if somebody is clearly faster than you then give way to them

  • Be honest - there is nothing to be gained by cheating - i expect everyone to take there penalties if needed and to be honest with there timings  



Next Obstacle Bootcamp Sunday 8th August 10.00-11.30am

Next Open Obstacle practice is Sunday 1st August from 10.00am.

Midweek Open Obstacle Practice Tuesday's 7.30-8.30pm


Spartan SGX Bootcamp Tuesday's 6.30-7.30pm



Obstacle Open Practice

Obstacle Training


Spartan Training

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OPP Warriors

Welcome to the Obstacle Play Park

The Obstacle Play Park or OPP has been designed for all levels, from the fun runner who wants to learn more, to the elite OCR runners who want to improve and practice their existing obstacle skills, it also caters for anyone who might just want to have a play on some obstacles and people that want to improve their fitness in a fun way, we are not a gym, who wants to be inside with rows of other gym goers on treadmills and bikes when you can be outside in the fresh air getting fit in a different, fun and functional way, it's also a great place for parties with a difference.

Have a look around the site and if you can't find something that fits you then please get in touch and let's see what we can do.    

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About Us:

Mark Logan :- Owner - Spartan SGX Coach - Personal Trainer  - OCR Coach - TRX Coach

I have been involved in Obstacle Course racing for around 10 years. firstly as a runner then as a course designer/ builder and until recently a race director.
I'm a Spartan SGX Coach, Personal trainer, TRX trained coach, Womens Fitness Specalist and Pre & Post Natal Qualified
I really enjoy helping people reach whatever goal they want it life, it might be just fitness or your first ever ocr, maybe you have done a few races and want to learn more or your looking at becoming a competitive racer.


Outside of work i'm a keen OCR runner, surfer and snowboarder
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Nicola Constant - Glemas:- Assistant Coach - Designer

I have been involved in Obstacle course racing for around 8 years. for the last few years I have been assisting on training days and will be doing so at OPP.
I also like to run OCRs, surf and snowboard in my spare time, and love my cats and husband.
Own Your Own Obstacle
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OPP Warriors
OCR Team
trx square.jpg
TRX Crawley

We offer a made for you service. As much as i would like to see you at OPP all the time, sometimes you have to go it alone, so if you have a little space then you could build your favorite obstacle at home 

We are looking for the right people for TEAM OPP, have you got what it takes to represent us in the best way possible, spread the word and have fun doing it.

OPP is in partnership with TRX Crawley, the perfect addition to your training


Here are links to some races, services & groups that we are working with to help in your obstacle and mud run journey

1-1 and Small Group Obstacle Training
Personal Training & Small Groups Fitness
Hen, Stag & Birthday Obstacle Parties

If you prefer, we also offer personal training, 1-2-1 with a qualified OPP instructor, you can have a session based entirely on your needs, or you can get a small group together for your training, maximum of 4 people for small group sessions.

 If you prefer a more personal approach then we also have 1-2-1 fitness session, or if you prefer you could get a small group together, (maximum of 4 people for small group fitness sessions)  

Why not try something different for a hen or stag do, birthday party, team building event or just a fun get together.