Fitness classes at Obstacle Play Park

We have three differnt options when it come to fitness classes at OPP, Obstacle Bootcamp, Fitness Bootcamp & Spartan SGX, have a look at the descriptions below to chose which one you want to try first. 

Obstacle Bootcamp

Most popular fitness class at OPP
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OBSTACLE BOOTCAMPS are a mixture of bootcamp type exercises and obstacle training, you will start by training on the obstacles so you can practice your technique, then you will be put through a short workout to fatigue your muscles ready for another round of obstacles with a few surprises thrown in to test your muscle memory and endurance, in other words, can you still do it when your tired ? .

This is not just for obstacle racing but is also a great way of getting fitter and stronger, it dosen't matter what level of ability you are at, its all about learning new skills, working hard but having fun at the same time.  

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Functional Fitness Classes


FUNCTIONAL FITNESS classes are very functional using some of the equipment at OPP, tyres, ropes, weighted carries as well as bodyweight exercises will all be part of the workout, during the summer you will see TRX and TRX RIP trainers in use during the class too, typically the workout consists of a set workout that you have to complete as many times as possable in a time, crossfit style workout is a good decription and because its rounds for time it suits all levels


SPARTAN SGX is the official group exercise programme for Spartan Races, and i proud to be one of only a handful of Spartan qualified coaches in the UK to be able to offer this program, SGX is based around bodyweight exercise and functional movement to not only prepare you for your Spartan races but also to help to prepare you for life, we will talk about nutrition, lifestyle and the power of posativity, plus you will become part of an awesome Spartan community.

Click on the SGX logo to watch the video. 

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