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Spartan races are held all over the world including here in the UK, the races are held over different distances, at different venues and are a test of your obstacle skills, strength and endurance, you can run a sprint to start which is around 5K all the way up to an Ultra Beast which is around 50k.


There is always a great feeling of friendship and camaraderie at an event which is what drew me into becoming a Spartan SGX Coach & Spartan Obstacle Specialist, it also influenced me to build Spartan like obstacles at OPP, so i can help coach new and veteran Spartans towards there next event. 

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Obstacle Coaching

and  Fitness

If you want to take your Spartan training to another level or need some extra coaching I offer 1-1 coaching either for fitness or obstacles, or you can organise your own small group of up to 4 people if you want to train with friends, contact me for more details

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Very pleased to have recently become only the second coach in the UK to acheive SGX Level 2 coach status, making me one of the most qualified coaches in the country

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The Spartan European Championships are coming to the UK

If your an elite racer looking to push for a podium or open catagory athlete looking to step up a level there is a package to suit you on our "Journey to the Euros" training packages.

We start in March 2022 but you can secure your spot right now for only £50 deposit and start to recieve discounts on your training before and after you start on your chosen package


* Please note that deposits are non-refundable or transferable 

Balance of  your package will be due 1st March 2022 for packages 1 & 2 and 1st May 2022 for package 3 *


With the Spartan European Championships coming to the UK in 2022 I’m launching some training packages aimed at anybody looking to prepare for it.

At Obstacle Play Park we have the most extensive selection of Spartan Obstacles outside of a Spartan race in the UK and will be adding even more in time for the beginning of the courses in March 2022, over the last few years we have began to see more and more podiums at elite and age category levels along with some amazing improvements in our beginners.

I have been coaching obstacles for the last 10 years and coaching many other sports for as long as I can remember, I am now a Spartan Level 2 Coach, Spartan Obstacle Specialist and CrossFit coach and I plan to bring all of the knowledge and experience I have gained together, to offer you the best facility to train in and the best opportunity for you to fulfil your goals and potential, the schedule will take in all Spartan races as well as OCR Europeans and OCR Worlds so some of the training will prepare you for these events also, as we will not just be training on Spartan obstacles but any obstacle that will make you a better athlete.

The training groups will be limited to only 12 per group for the packages, starting in March and for the midweek sessions starting in May.

Along with the Obstacle Packages you can add 1-1 coaching, online coaching, or training plans, for both your conditioning and obstacle training.


There will also be a full calendar of events that will match into your training, these will include European events and all the UK Spartans, it will also include some Hyrox Events as I believe these are a good match for the type of training we do for Spartan Races and OCR.


Click on the PDF FOR everything you need to know about your Journey To The Euros Packages

Its currently only £50 deposit to secure your spot on one of the training packages, these will sell out very quickly.

* Please note that deposits are non-refundable or transferable - Balance of  your package will be due 1st March 2022 for packages 1 & 2 and 1st May 2022 for package 3 *

OPP Spartan Time Trials
We will now be holding OPP Spartan Time Trials on our 1km course with 32 Spartan type obstacles and carries, the course is available to use at all open practices but from time to time we will be holding actual time trials on a closed course the current record stands at 11min 7 second. 
the date of the next time trial will be SATURDAY 6th NOVEMBER at 9.00am


Spartan SGX

Spartan SGX classes involve a mixture of body weight functional movements and the use of equipment, such as tyres ropes and different carries to help prepare you not only for a Spartan race but to help you achieve a good level of functional fitness to help in your everyday life.

I am currently running Spartan SGX Online sessions via the zoom app, you can see times of all the current classes on the online classes page or you can follow the link below to book.


Spartan Obstacle Workshops & Spartan On The Road

Spartan Obstacle Workshops are designed to help you conquer Spartans obstacle at your next race and help you banish burpees to a distant memory, held in a small group setting with a Spartan coach on spartan obstacles.

Spartan visit OPP during the year to put on coaching clinics and offer race discounts, watch out for the on the road announcements. 


Spartan Hurricane Heats

In addition to the races you can also take part in a series of endurance events the most notable is the Hurricane Heat, I taken part in the 4 hour event, also the H3X a 4,12 & 24 hour global event which I took part in for the 4 & 12 hour portions. 

As a practice event for these we run OPP Endurace events 

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Spartan SGX Race Day Preparation Dates 2022

Sunday 27th March  11.00-3.30pm

    Sunday 22nd May  11.00-3.30pm

Sunday 19th June  11.00-3.30pm

Saturday 13th August  10.00-2.00pm

Spartan SGX race day preperation will be a 4 hour long session to help you get ready for your next Spartan race, the day will consist of an SGX workout to start, then some coaching and a course walk before you take on the OPP Spartan course consisting of 25 obstacles and carries, then finally a chance for a bit of free practice with the remaining time. 

The course will be limited to a maximum of 20 people,

Cost of the 4 hour+ session will be £45.00, there will be a price increase before the event so dont leave it to late to book, but the first 5 people to sign up will receive it for the discounted rate of £40.00



Spartan Obstacles at OPP

Here at OPP I can't have real Spartan obstacles, but they are really close in a lot of cases to the real thing, so you can practice the techniques that you need to conquer your spartan races, wether they are at home or abroad, I am also an experianced Spartan races and coach so happy to help you acheive your goals, Aroo