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Obstacle Training

Open Obstacle Practice

Open Obstacle Practice is a chance for you to practice on over 50 different  obstacles that you will see at many races across the country, you can practice at your own pace with like minded people in a friendly no pressure envoiroment and get a bit of a workout at the same time. 

1-2-1 & Small Group Obstacle Training

If you prefer we also offer personal training 1-2-1 with a qualified instructor, you can have a session based entirely on your needs spending the time perfecting your technique or learning something new. This can also be done for groups of 2 to 4

1-1 £42.00 

1-2 £62.00 (£31.00 per person)

1-3 £69.00 (£23.00 per person)

1-4 £72.00 (£18.00 per person) 

cost is per hour


OCR European & World Championships Training Programes

If your focus is on OCR then this programe is aimed at preparing you for the OCR European championships In Hungry and the FISO World Championships in Belguim, there is also the World Championships which is normally in September so we are waiting for the date for those.

Firstly what we have to offer is a great facility for OCR with the sucsess of the Spartan program and the fact that i am a spartan coach the OCR obstacles abd coaching get overlooked what people dont relise is that all the spartans that train at OPP have OCR obstacles include in ther training programes, we are probably the best kept secret in OCR so i tought its about time we shared with everyone.

The OCR programe starts in February 2023 and is a series of five 4 hour training sessions spread across the season, which will consist of obstacle technique, obstacle endurance training and race simulations, you can currently join the programe for a £50 deposit with the balance to follow in february if you would like to know more then follow the link below. 

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