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There are currently no TRX Classes due to national lockdown.

Online classes are currently under review

New for 2020-you can chose between live clases or online live classes

TRX is the perfect partner for obstacle course racing, classes are held every wednesday with a TRX certified instructor, each workout is a real test of your body, especialy your core, "All Core All The Time" is a popular saying among TRX instructors.

If you want to know more about TRX click here 

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TRX was invented and developed by Navy seal Randy Hetrick for use as a tool to keep themselves fit and ready during deployments, you use your own bodyweight to excersice and although i teach in the classroom, i definatley will be bringing TRX to OPP for some outside classes and into some bootcamps  

In my opinion TRX is the best core workout tool I have ever used, one of the great things about it is half the time you don't even realises you are working your core as you are using so many other muscles during each exercise 

Another great tool you will see at the OPP is the TRX RIP trainer, i use the rip a lot with my 1-1 clients and is a great functional training piece of equipment which when used correctly.

We all have a favorite side or a more dominate side for everything we do, the RIP and the TRX brings balance to your body taking away the weakside and helping you to become more balanced in not only sport but in everyday life   

TRX Classes Timetable

TRX classes take place at

Obstacle Play Park

Honeycrock Farm

Axes Lane





Class timetable

Cost for all classes


     Live Class                      £8.00

     Live Online Class            £5.00




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