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Team OPP Warriors

Here at OPP we are very lucky to have a mixture of top athletes and beginners, the aim of the team is to promote all aspects of the sport of OCR, we go to races as a team and mostly aim to complete each event as a team, helping each member along the way. sometimes we may attend an event and run different teams for different distances and other times we aim to let the more competitive runners compete.  

This is a chance for you to be part of a new team at a growing venue, if you are new to OCR this is the perfect mix for you, OPP is built to learn on, but as you improve it will still challenge you, if you’re a more experienced racer there is still plenty to test and improve your skills on. As a member you will receive support from your team mates and OPP to develop your skills and to reach your own personal goals, it may to compete for top spot on the world stage, to conquer that obstacle that as always got the better of you or just to complete that first run, together we will try our very best to make it happen. If you already train at OPP you will know that I want it to be a relaxed, chilled place to learn and to get in shape, this will continue to be the theme with the new team.

There is going to be a difference in ability levels as we have some experienced athletes and some new to obstacles so when we go to events any team member can go it alone and compete or you can form groups and stay together, nobody will be pressured to do what they don’t want to do.

We will arrange trips to train at other venues not just OCR ones and I would encourage all team members to train elsewhere from time to time to gain more knowledge and different views, as a coach I don’t have all the answers I just have my own ways and opinions, I learn from visiting other venues and listening and watching other coaches, this makes me a better coach and you better athletes.


If you want to know more or apply to sign up then get in touch, either talk to me at the park or send me a msg

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